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International Travel Is Now More Dangerous for Every American

Today a citizen of Mexico was executed in Texas. As a result if you get arrested in a foreign country, you probably will not be able to contact the US Consulate in order to try to get some help and even more unlikely to be told that under International Law, they have to tell you that you can, and allow you to do so, Why not? After all, we and essentially every other country in the world has signed a treaty that says they have do that for foreign nationals they have arrested.

Texas did not so inform the man they killed today. The Justice Department and the State Department fought all the way to the US Supreme Court to get them to reverse their decision to execute the Mexican today. It would not have meant that the man would have been set free. He could have been informed of his rights, allowed to contact the Mexican Consulate (who could not do more than provide better legal representation) and then retried him, convict him and kill him. Apparently those familiar with the case agree that there is practically no chance that he would not be convicted again.

This afternoon, the conservative majority, 5 to 4, of the US Supreme Court ruled that Texas (without seceding from the US) could cause us to violate an international treaty that we signed and was ratified in accordance with the US Constitution. Just another example of how conservatives are undermining the Constitution that they profess to love so much.

If you think it won’t cause you any problems because you won’t get arrested in foreign country, then you better stay home. Because you don’t have to actually commit a crime in order to get arrested (in this country as well or any other).

Rick Perry, the current Governor of Texas, could have stayed the execution and ordered the retrial, but of course he didn’t. And every American citizen, Texan or not, conservative or not, is a little less safe in the world now.

Meanwhile, we are waiting to see if the Republicans in Congress are going crush the middle class and drive us into a worse recession than 1929 in order to sabotage the reelection of Obama and destroy the idea that we are a country that cares about its less fortunate citizens. In spite of what they say, they love the idea of redistributing the wealth of this country! They just want to do it by shifting all wealth to the upper class. And what will that lead us to? History says violent revolution. I can only hope that it’s not in my lifetime.

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