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Volume 10 Number 3 - The Curmudgeon Letters

About Volume 10 Number 3

Previous Entry Volume 10 Number 3 May. 26th, 2012 @ 06:18 pm Next Entry
Defense of Marriage Act (DoMA)

Now they’ve gone too far and I have converted! I supported “gay marriage” long before California’s Proposition 8 insanity.  But I’ve come across some information that has convinced me that we must pass a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as “a legal agreement between two or more people that also may be celebrated by a religious ceremony* or a partywhere ‘people’ does not include corporations (they can still ‘merge’ in the privacy of their own board rooms)”.

Lucky is Wendy Diamond’s** dog. Wendy just spent $15,000 for chemo and radiation therapy for Lucky’s spleen cancer. Wendy chose to do that rather than donate $15,000 to the Humane Society or someone who feeds starving children, because she loves animals sooooo much. So Lucky is lucky, she’s a cancer survivor! Watch for news about nationwide Susan Gee Come-in-when-you’re-called 7-Day Walk-your-dog-athons.

Now I understand the opposition! I thought that their silliest argument was the “slippery slope” crap. But, now I can see the problem. We have to draw the line at canines! Otherwise, felines will be having weddings. And, we all know how they cat around and how that will cause the average number of divorces and separations to sky rocket as a result!

*Any church or religious organization can of course refuse service to anyone, including those without shoes or a shirt.

**Don’t ask. I don’t have any idea who Wendy Diamond is, or why her name reminds me that I haven’t heard anything about Tuesday Weld in a long time.

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